Natural breastmilk and its benefits


Natural breastmilk is the milk produced by the mother to nourish her fetus, it is the prime source of nourishment before his ability to take different food materials and generally the accurate constitution of the milk differes from day to day according to dietary consumption therefore it is not possible to define complete and accurate properties of breastmilk however it is possible to increase it amount and increase its fat ratio following some ways. To get to know these ways here is this article.

Complete dietary ingredients

  • Breastmilk contains high percent of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats resulting in building the baby’s body and its growth.
  • Ease of digestion, breastmilk is considered the best milk for the baby as the formula can cause some digestion problems for the baby.

Benefits of breastmilk to the baby

  • The baby is exposed to different diseases especially during the first 6 month of his life therefore the breastfeeding reinforce the baby’s immunity as the antibodies present in the breastmilk minimize baby’s infection with different viruses and bacteria.
  • The breastmilk protects the child from different diseases which minimize infection with diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, cancer, asthma, eczema, common cold and bleeding especially at later stages of his life. It also decreases teeth problems and dangers of psychological disorders

Benefits of breastfeeding to the mother

  • Regularity of weight: women’s weight increases during pregnancy therefore doctors advise the pregnant women to breastfeed their babies to lose the extra weight they have.
  • Uterus moderation: the uterus expands during pregnancy to accommodate to the size of the baby and to help the uterus go back to its normal size women should breastfeed.
  • Protection from cancer and diseases: breastfeeding decreases the chance of breast and ovaries cancer.
  • Protects from diabetes and osteoporosis and high blood pressure.



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