Pregnancy symptoms during the first month


Pregnancy is the first step in the journey of motherhood .. Motherhood with all the meanings, hopes and importance of every lady ..

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a woman’s life. In this period, there are many changes in the body, and may affect the general mood of pregnant women.

These changes occur as a result of the body’s secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which help prepare the body to receive the fetus and help it grow over a period of nine months.

Pregnancy symptoms in the first month

  • Nausea in general and especially in the morning.
  • Increased breasts and pain , from the first moment of pregnancy, due to severe hormonal disorders, and increased production of hormones Progesterone and estrogen, which are secreted in order to stabilize the pregnancy and prepare the body to receive the fetus.
  • Feeling tired, wanting to sleep, and being unable to do anything.

Fetal growth during pregnancy in the first month

During this period, sperm fertilization occurs, as well as in the uterus, and the sperm begins to enter the third week of the first month. The egg begins to divide into multiple cells, and some of these cells In the lining of the uterus until the placenta is formed, and another part is made up of the fetus, and at the end of the first month of pregnancy the size of the fetus is like the head of the pin.

 Risk of first month of pregnancy

 Exposure to chemicals:

Exposure to chemicals affects the health of the pregnant woman as well as the persistence of pregnancy, so exposure to hair dyes, wrinkles, smoking, etc. can lead to miscarriage, or may lead to fetal abnormalities, resulting in fetal abnormalities.


Bleeding is one of the risks facing a pregnant woman in the first month. If the amount of blood is large and lasts for several days with abdominal pain, the doctor should be called because this means early abortion or ectopic pregnancy. Because it is due to implantation of the fertilized egg in the wall of the uterus, and the occurrence of division.

High temperature :

Is caused by the pregnancy process itself, or by urinary tract infection that poses a risk to the pregnant woman in the first month and may cause miscarriage, so consult your doctor when the temperature rises.

Tips for pregnant women in the first month

  • Exercise like walking, as it reduces the feeling of stress and general weakness.
  • Avoid smoking, and be careful to reduce the amount of caffeine.
  • Focus on foods rich in nutrients such as proteins, calcium, and vitamins.

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