Transition to feeding via Bottle


Working outside of the house is one of the most common reasons to start feeding the baby using a bottle. Here are some tips to help you transition from breastfeeding to feeding using a bottle using breast milk or even a formula for children.

You can still give your breast milk to your baby through pumping the milk and storing it to be used at the time that you are not present in. to maintain the quantity of milk that your body produce, you will have to do pumping instead of every breastfeeding using the breast pump.

The best solution is to pump the milk and save it in the refrigerator or freezer to be used later (following are some tips on saving breastmilk)

Tips to ease the transition:

Before you return back to work:

  • Gradually offer the bottle to your baby. You can for instance skip two feedings during the last couple of weeks before the date of your return back to work. During the first week give one bottle to your child on the hours that you will be at work later. Next week give him two bottles daily.

  • To maintain you milk supply, pump all the milk in your breast when you skip a feeding.

  • If the baby refuses to have a bottle from you, ask someone else to give him the bottle filled by your milk.

  • Take good care of yourself – one additional hour of sleep, good nutrition, drink a lot and additional feeding here and there. All these factors will help you keep your adequate milk supply.

During your absence:

  • Keep an adequate amount of breast pads for lactating women in case of any milk leakage.

  • The amount of milk given to the baby in the bottle is related with his age, weight and appetite. Give him a sufficient quantity for the baby to be full. Ask your caregiver to not insist to give the full quantity in the bottle to the baby so that we do not get into an over eating situation.

  • Breastfeed the baby right before leaving to work and right after coming back. Ask you caregiver to not feed the baby before you arrive if that’s possible.

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