Boys and Puberty

As you grow up you will notice so many changes in your body, it is not a one event thing, your body will grow bigger, your voice cracks and your body hair distribution is different, these changes usually happens between the ages 9 and 14 years old, but note that this is individualized, every boy grows at his own pace.

What happens?

  • You get taller, again how tall you might be depends on many variables: genetics, how tall is your mom and dad, your own pace of growing up, and your level of activity and nutritious foods that you are eating
  • You get more muscular look, usually boys at this stage start to get chest and shoulder muscles, also this happens differently. It depends on the what do you eat and how much you exercise if you decide to try lifting weights, first let your doctor know you are interested. He or she may tell you to hold off on weightlifting for a bit or give you some advice on how to start. If your doctor discourages weightlifting, try some other ways to work out. Resistance bands, which are like big rubber bands, are a great way to help build your strength without putting too much strain on your muscles.
  • Your body will get hair-ER, you will start have hair growing on your chin, cheeks and above your lips. Also you will have hair growing on your chest, armpits, legs and even in your pubic region, don’t panic or worry.. this is the way your body is telling you you are on the right track to be a man. This usually happens because your hormones.
  • Hormonal changes, the pituitary gland( a pea shaped gland located at the bottom of your brain) secrets hormones into your blood stream to your balls, so they can grow bigger to start secreting the man’s’ hormone-Testosterone-
  • Erections, this happens when your penis is hardened and becomes bigger to stand out from you, this is perfectly normal and can happen any time. This might happen many times in one day or none at all and this depends on your age, sexual maturity, level of activity even how many hours of sleep you might get.

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