Hygiene in puberty

During puberty many changes happen to your body, oil secretions increase in the skin and scalp, hair growth and distribution is different, sweating increase and you will notice your body odor! Let’s talk about the most frequent problems that you may encounter during this stage and how to deal with them.

Oily Hair

At this stage of your life you may notice that your hair feels oiler than before, this happens because each hair has its own oil secreting gland, its role is to keep your hair looks health and shiny but during puberty this oil secreting gland become overactive which will make your hair look too shiny and greasy

To control the oil in your hair you should wash your hair on daily or every other day basis, wash your hair with a specific shampoo for oily hair and use warm water, don’t rub the hair roots very hard as this may irritate your scalp.

Sweat and Body Odor

Sweat comes from the sweat glands that you have always had, but during puberty those glands become overactive, the sweat odor has a stronger smell due to different chemical secretions. You will start to notice that your body odor is coming from your armpits, your pubic area nad your feet.

To control your body odor and smell nice all the time, you should take a shower on daily basis using soap and warm water, this will wash away the bacteria that cause the smell, also changing your clothes and especially your underwear and socks on daily basis can control your body odor.

Also you can use deodorants to have a nice smell under your arms, buy the ones which have deodorants only and not antiperspirant, as antiperspirant stop the sweating process and this is not healthy.

Body Hair

We have been talking about the hair growing in new places in your body, and this is a clue that your hormones are working. Guys may want to shave the hair on their faces and girls want to shave the hair on their legs, arms and underarms.

In the rare cases where a girl’s facial hair growth is enough to cause anxiety, a dermatologist should be consulted, because in some cases, excess hair growth in girls can be a sign of a medical condition, like polycystic ovary syndrome.

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