Puberty & Girls

Puberty is the name for the time when your body begins to develop and change as you move from kid to a lady. Yes it is about developing breasts ..During this time, your body will grow fast and many changes will happen.

It usually starts between ages 8 and 13 years in girls this wide range of age means that you will not grow at the same pace, a small pea like gland in the bottom of your brain(pituitary gland) is the one that is responsible for releasing the hormones that will make those changes happen.

What happens?

  • First of all those hormones will target the ovaries, which in turn will make your ovaries to start making another hormone, called estrogen to prepare your body to start your periods to be able to become pregnant one day.
  • You will start to have hair in places you haven’t seen before, in your armpits and in your pubic areas.
  • You will grow faster, and yes some might tell you that your all about arms and legs J you will be taller, by the end of this “growth spurt” you will have reached your adult height or at least just about to.
  • Your body shape will change, it will fill out and become curvier, your hips will get rounder and wider, your breasts starts to develop (sometimes one breast grows more quickly than the other but they even out eventually , so this is normal) and this might be the time where you start to wear bras :)
  • Your first period, you will have it usually after 2 years of your breast development. The menstrual period, or monthly cycle, is when blood is released through the vagina. That may sound alarming, but it’s normal and it signals that a girl is growing up and her body is preparing so that she can have a baby someday.
  • Other changes, you might see and feel white or clear stuff coming from the vagina. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong — it’s called vaginal discharge and is just another sign hormones are changing your body.

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